Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Layers of People Contour

For this exercise we were to line up in class and draw layers of people. At first I was really nervous about how my people were going to turn out. But as I sat and concentrated on the lines instead of the people, it ended up turning out really well. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Theory Hour

Today in Theory hour John Linn came in to speak to us about Sustainability and Architecture 2030. The PowerPoint started with a slide about fish and “if we were fish what would we see?” He stressed that how we affect the overall environment and how it can even be seen by creatures that aren’t even in our own species. Linn then explained that the human race is a storm. That just like a storm, our race is destroying the Earth. We destroy our path and then we construct again. Humans are a dynamic agent of transformation. There is no destruction without construction.  That we do so much damage, yet we are not even a place or even a thing.

Linn concluded his speech by telling us about our carbon footprint.  The twenty-thirty challenge was created to measure the carbon footprint being left each year by the human race and what we can do to slow it down. . The challenge is to get buildings to give off no carbon releases and be neutral by year 2030. Organizations named LEED and AIA were designed to find alternate energy sources besides carbon. LEED stands for Leadership Environmental Energy Design. They set target goals to change carbon usage by 50% right now and then 10% every year following that.  Linn said that buildings need to be able withstand time and not be locked into its energy source. Instead, to change like we do. 

What I Learned About the 12 Twigs Critique

Today on Wednesday September 17th, Interior Architecture had a critique on our place for twelve twigs project. In that critique we discussed strategic thinking and our issues in general.
The strategic thinking involved lots of things to think about when creating my project. One issue was our focus on the project. If we had lots of variety in our projects, we should reduce the amount of things going on and as Tommy put “emphasize what we aim to emphasize.” If the project had lots happening, our eyes didn’t know where to focus, which ended up taking away from the project.

Another topic was the class’s issues in general, as in scale and visualization. Our scale of how the project related to the size of the twigs was a problem in most cases. Some projects size took away from the twigs, which were the star of our projects. Another key issue in scale was color. The color we used needed either to contrast greatly or to compliment the twigs. With Visualization our pattern and form had to be exact as well. Again, make our eyes go to where the designer wanted.

Overall, I learned that making more projects never hurt. As for my project, I learned I should experiment with color and possibly with the size to create a place for my unique twelve twigs.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away

For our warm up exercise we had to draw the rain boots on the table. I had the hardest time drawing these. I was not able to get the rest of the tables worth of drawings because for some reason my hands and my head weren't working together on this exercise. Hopefully next time there won't be the same problem. 

Monday, September 15, 2008

Lefty or a Righty..... Definitely a righty

Today we had to draw our hands one with the one we usually draw with and then become ambidextrous and draw the other. I drew my left hand with the hand i use the most, my right. I was really pleased how it turned out. Then I drew with my left hand the hand that I do not use for ANYTHING! Surprisingly it turned out okay. I thought it would look like it had been mangled, but instead you can tell what my hand for the most part looks like. 

Same is the name

Our assignment in studio was to find a structure that looked like our twig project the most. For my project the structure that i am building is in a dome shape with connections with Rafia. These structures are similair because of the connections and the same dome shape. The first picture made out of willow has the same woven shape as both the twig and the rafia.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I want to ride my BICYCLE!

Our asignment in class was to draw the bike in negative space. Which is where the bike was not. The finished product turned out better than i thought. Next time I need to work on proportions with the two wheels.

A place for a Leaf

These pictures are my leaf project from start to finish. The leaf project was to create a "place" for our leaf using ONLY paper. The models are from what I started out with and then the modifications. My leaf is a brown magnolia leaf that I found in front of the Studio Arts Building. It looked out of place since it was summer and dead leaves to me belong in the winter. Hence the snowflakes. That was too literal, so I went back and thought of some other ideas with the same "tower" look to my place as before. I tried cutting slits in the side and also tearing it to mimick the tear in the leaf.  All the detail in those took away from the leaf and put focus on the place. Not to mention the color of the sketch models took away from the leaf as well. So, it was back to the drawing board. 

The original leaf ended up breaking to pieces, thus, I had to build another to fit the new leaf.  I found a similar leaf and cut two slits in each side of the tower and one at the base and came up with a new concept. I used a green paper to contrast the brown leaf, and the final concept was it fell in the woods and the light it cast was the sun through the branches. I was really happy with how the place turned out.

My hand

In class we had to draw our hands as we saw them. I drew an O first during the 15 minutes.

That night I went back and drew the L and the V. I am working on the E right now so that it spells LOVE

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hello my name is Wood

For this exercise I was to draw the piece of wood in the middle of the room. I love how this piece looks. The extra detail in the wood really made me look closer at the wood. 

Heres a Chair there's a chair Everywhere a Line Chair

Today we learned a new way of drawing shapes. I really thought i was going to dislike this project, but overall I loved it. It made you think of how everything has certain lines to it somehow. The more I drew the better it turned out. I think I am going to practice this technique more often. 

Contour Face Drawing

In IAR 110 we were to contour draw our partners face with looking at the page at a minimum. I was really happy how Jenna's face came out. I was shocked at how well it looked.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Mess #3

I opened a box of Junior Mints and they all spilled out onto the counter and made a mess! Any other time I would be frustrated, but this made me happy. My mess made itself!

Mess # 2

My second mess is A LOT of dirty dishes. That is the only household chore that I absolutely cannot stand.

Mess # 1

This is a pile of my shoes that are in my room. This happened to be a day where I broke out all of them to see which would look the best with what i was wearing

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chair Drawing

We were to draw a chair in class but only the negative space. I liked the way the picture came out. Where the legs came together at the front, is a mind teaser because its hard to think which leg is in the front

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A few of my favorite things....Well 5

For class we had to go inside of our purse/bag and find 5 things. The ones that I chose was the ones that I used most often. I love disposable cameras because you don't know how the picture will turn out. I also LOVE music, hence the Ipod. I love to go discover new bands and music also helps me concentrate. I don't think I can function without it. The others are pretty self explanatory. Wallet, nail polish, and my Clinque lipstick.

Upside Down Man

This is the upside down man. The one on the left was how i was to draw him. The picture on the right is the finished project.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lettering Exercise

Design Lettering for IAR 110, I am learning how to learn the right way to do my lettering. This way of writing makes a project look more neat and clean.