Thursday, April 28, 2011

Interior Skyscraper Renderings

The first image is of the lobby space in the taller tower. The design is by Brittany Dasso, while I rendered and photoshopped the image.

The Transportation Hub is on the first floor of the smaller tower. Since the Towers are positioned on three main transportation intersections (boating, trains, and car), we incorporated a place into the building that promotes alternative travel to work and to the building. The design and rendering were done by Brittany Dasso, Tristan Olarti, and myself.

This image is an example of a typical office space that would be found in the taller tower. Since the programming of the building is for corporate office workers I chose to move towards the trend of a open working environment. This promotes equality in the workspace and has the boss sitting right next to the intern so there is open communication throughout the workplace. There is indirect lighting that bounces off the ceiling and pulls light into the space without it being overbearing.

Final Skyscraper Rendering

This is the final rendering of the Tantolunden Towers in Stockholm Sweden. The cutouts in the building would hold public meeting spaces that would be up to the owner of the space to delegate. The programmingfor the rooms would be for events, enclosed garden lounge space, or meeting rooms.

Since Flux35 did not want the skyscraper to be overbearing in the surrounding areas we chose to make the building look as if it had grew up from the land keeping with our concept of form to site and mass and voids. The greenwalls height is even with the skyline of the
surrounding buildings near the park, to create a datum line across as if the wall had been there as long as the houses. The greenwall growing up the side of the
building would help heat gain on the lower levels of the building and also provide a seamless transition between the building into
the landscaping.