Monday, December 8, 2008

Pathways Edges and Boundaries Final Walk Through

The final day came of our critique and we had to set out what concrete items we had made for our group. Mirage put out a quik-rete tube to show where our vertical poles would go when we installed them next semester. When we set our circles out we noticed that the designs we etched into them made a square when put together. Our group liked how this went with the overall island and decided to keep it.
This is where our stepping stones will go when they are installed properly next semester.
We still have to make sure we level the ground and put appropriate ground cover before the concrete can be put there to stay.

Exhibit Group

I was also in another sub group which was the Exhibit group. That group had the fun time of taking everyones compiled work and displaying it in the lobby for all to see. It was a difficult task, but there was not another sub group I would have rather been in. Everyone was as determined as I was to make this display look great.
We put a datum line on the wall so when people walked through, their eyes knew where to go and there was not a confusion.
We also put it on the boards in the lobby as well for continuation. The boards were to create edges and boundaries, further using the concept in our presentation.

We put a pathway on the floor to play up our concept ideas.

We put our aggregate on display so everyone could see what different types of filler we went through before deciding on the perfect choice.

We also cut holes in the datum line paper to futher reitterate the pathways.

On the datum line on the wall, we hung a plan view of the site so that visitors could understand where we were putting our concrete items at.

We also needed a 3-D view of how our islands looked as a whole, so we set up a model.